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Why would I use Equalitix?

We think Equalitix takes the hassle out of buying and selling tickets. We get rid of the awkward negotiations. We cut out the confusing back and forth messaging.We remove the worry of whether you’re getting ripped off as a buyer or if you will ever receive your money as a seller.With Equalitix, you can buy and sell tickets with other real fans and be confident that you will not be getting ripped off by ridiculous prices. We verify the tickets that are available for sale and also cap the price of every ticket to ensure that no tickets are sold at more than 10% above the original price of the ticket. 


Is selling a ticket with Equalitix safe?

Yes! As a ticket seller with Equalitix, you will only be allowed to sell your ticket for an amount up to 10% above the original value of the ticket, meaning the sale will be fair and legal. Also, Equalitix takes payment from the buyer at the point of ticket purchase and will transfer these funds to you shortly after the event, once we’re satisfied everything has gone to plan.


Is buying a ticket with Equalitix safe?

Yes! As a ticket buyer with Equalitix, you will be able to download the e-ticket(s) from the 'My Purchases' section of the website immediately after purchase. Also, you will only be allowed to buy your ticket for an amount up to 10% above the original value of the ticket, meaning the sale will be fair and legal. Equalitix only transfers the funds to the seller after the event, giving the buyer the chance to let us know if something didn’t go quite to plan with the tickets. Holding off payment to the seller means that scammers hate using our website, which is exactly the plan! 


What are the costs to use Equalitix?

To create a ticket listing:  no cost.

To buy a ticket:  the cost of the ticket itself, plus a 5% Equalitix charge and 3% payment fee.

To sell a ticket: a 5% Equalitix charge. 

That's it! There are no other hidden fees or charges. 

Can I use Equalitix without a Facebook account?

Yes. You can create an Equalitix account using a Facebook account or an email address. We verify every email address to ensure that we have a community of real fans.


I just sold my ticket, when do I receive my money?

Equalitix transfers funds (via bank transfer or PayPal) to sellers approximately 2-3 days after the conclusion of the event. This ensures that all transactions have gone smoothly and there are no complaints from either party before the monetary transfer occurs. Equalitix is not responsible for any banking delays that may result in slower payment than stated above.


What type of tickets can I sell with Equalitix?

You can sell e-tickets, or any ticket in a PDF format. We hope to include the purchase and sale of mobile tickets in the future.


Can I resell a ticket that I’ve bought on Equalitix?

Yes. As long as the ticket sale complies with the Equalitix terms and conditions, there is no problem.


How does Equalitix determine the maximum price?

Equalitix sets a maximum price that is 10% above the original value of the ticket. For example, if a ticket was initially purchased for $100 (not including all fees and charges), the maximum it can be sold for on Equalitix is $110 (not including Equalitix charges).

This ensures that the sale complies with Australian legislation and fans do not get ripped off!


Is it possible to reverse a sale?

No. All transactions on Equalitix are final.


How do I know when my ticket is sold?

You will see the ticket listing appear in the My Payouts section of the website.

Also, you will receive an email confirmation to the email address attached to your account.


How do I access the tickets I just purchased on Equalitix?

You can download the tickets that you have purchased from the My Purchases section of the website.


There is another name on the ticket I have purchased? Is this okay?

Yes, we think this is fine. For many events, only the barcode of the ticket is checked and the name on the ticket is not important. It is common for people to use tickets that do not have their name on them (e.g. if the received the ticket as a gift, meaning it was purchased by somebody else). However, it is still up to the event management if they require a matching name on the ticket and Equalitix unfortunately doesn't take any responsibility if entry to an event is denied due to the name on the ticket. 


There is more than one e-ticket on one page – what should I do?

If you have multiple tickets within one PDF, you can easily split the PDF here before uploading the files to Equalitix.


Am I able to contact the seller?

It’s not possible to get in touch with the seller directly as we want everything to be as simple as possible for buyers and sellers. We get rid of the annoying back and forth messaging. 


I don't want to sell my ticket anymore but it is already for sale on Equalitix. What do I do?

You can simply delete the ticket listing that you have posted. To delete, firstly click on the 'More Info' button that appears on the ticket listing and then click 'REMOVE' icon to delete the listing. 


Which payment methods does Equalitix support?

For buyers, we accept credit card payments that are supported by the safe and secure payment system of Stripe. For sellers, we transfer funds via Australian bank transfer and PayPal.


My question hasn't been answered above - how can I find out more?

Please get in touch with any question that you might have and we will help you out as soon as possible!